What is this?

This is an archive of public blogging, question-answering, interviewing, etc. that Andrew Hussie has done with the MSPaint Adventures fanbase. If you don't know who that is, go read all the comics on http://www.mspaintadventures.com/, then come back.

Why'd you do this?

I hope the things I've archived here will be interesting to his fans, both from the point of providing more insight into his works and being pretty funny on their own. Unfortunately, many of them were deleted from the original place they were posted. While backups existed (or else I wouldn't be able to make this archive), they were scattered and often in ugly plain text. The goal here is to have a central location, with most stuff looking more or less as it did when it first was written.

Why don't you have <insert thing>?

I don't have anything that ended before Problem Sleuth did; I think Andrew is trying to distance himself from that period, or at least distance his fans from it, and I'd feel bad lumping it together. MrCheeze has a nice archive if you do want even older stuff.

Besides that, feel free to tell me if you think something should be added! See the next question for more details.

A link/image is broken!

Feel free to report it at the issues page, though make sure it hasn't been reported already. Additionally, if you can fix it (or another issue) yourself, just submit a pull request to the repository!

Did you do this all yourself?

Heck no. I couldn't have done it without: